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Text Box: The minimum wage will rise again on 
1 October 2010.The current and new limits are:
                        2009     2010
16—17 yr olds	£3.57    £3.64
18—22 yr olds	£4.83   £4.92
22+      yr olds	£5.80   £5.93
It should be noted that under an Court of Appeal ruling, in a case heard on 15 January 2009, employers must pay their employees at least minimum wage whatever tips, gratuities or cover charges unless they are included in the employer’s payroll.  For details of the case click here!

Are  you paying your

staff enough?

National Minimum Wage

HM Revenue & Customs Web Scam

Holiday Pay on Termination of Employment

It would seem reasonable to deduct holidays paid in excess of entitlement at the date of leaving, however in Hill V Howard Chappel, 2001 it was held that such deduction could not be made in this case. To ensure you don’t lose out in this way ensure the contract of employment specifically allows for the retention of overpaid leave.

HM Revenue & Customs are warning of a Web Scam. Scammers are sending emails offering tax refunds in exchange for personal information.


If you believe you have received such an email to

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